The concept of “eLearning” includes all forms of electronic learning and provides tools to facilitate the promotion, support and improvement of quality in learning. With modular features eLearning solution has the flexibility of its functionality, so that customers can adapt to the needs of present and future.

What are the benefits brought to the organization by eLearning solution?

Significant cost reduction and resource efficiency

  • Reduced administrative costs;
  • Reduced  need for learning classrooms;
  • Reduced copies and prints on paper, as learning support is delivered online;
  • Training costs are reduced with approximately 50%;
  • Trainers have more time to develop the skills of students.

Improving students’ performances and increasing accessibility to information

  • A greater volume of information available to students, accessible anytime and anywhere through Online Library- so learning is made without limit of time or space;
  • Remote access and increased audience, including for the students who can not attend classes in the traditional system;
  • Improvement of learning process, and individualization of learning;
  • Level standardization of information which is sent to the student;
  • Ability to objectively evaluate the volume of assimilated information;
  • Flexible and tailored to real needs of the client;
  • Compatibility with international standards (SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004).

Beneficiary:MU0251 – Romanian Jandarmery


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