eHealth has a vital contribution to increase the access to information, to deliver complex reporting and audit tools, which help improve the employees’ productivity, by efficiently administrating the available resources. By creating an unique patient file, we establish a history of the patient. This way, the medical institutions in territory are connected to a common information source, which leads them to a better communication process with the patient.


  • Citizens can easily access quality information in real time
  • Transparency of medical procedures;
  • Cost reduction;
  • Bureaucracy reduction and easy methodology;
  • Improved quality of the medical procedures provided to citizens;
  • Improvement administrative capacity of the institution;
  • Improvement of physical and psychological condition of the patient;
  • Development of a centralized medical data base for monitoring the health state of the population.

Emergency Hospital Călărași, Municipal Hospital Oltenița, Municipal Hospital Lehliu Gară, Emergency Hospital Buzău, Municipal Hospital Râmnicu Sărat, Municipal Hospital Nehoiu, Emergency Hospital Pitești, Municipal Hospital Curtea de Argeș, Hospital Regele Carol I from Costești,Municipal Hospital Câmpulung Muscel, Sanatorium Brad.



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