The protection of the environment is an essential compound, supported by homogeneous strategies compliant with EU regulations. This is managed by authorities at all levels, local, regional and national. However, operating a single vision on environment policies at all levels, local to national, is unlikely to be performed efficiently without the support of modern IT&C tools. This is the reason for which complex informational systems are required to be developed, in order to support the environmental strategy.

As stated by EU Directives, the environmental policies is about protecting the environment, improving its quality, using natural resources with reason and caution and promoting the international measures regarding the regional and worldwide environment protection. The tools commonly used are laws and rules, especially referring to environment quality (pollution levels); rules applied to industrial procedures (emission, conception, exploitation levels); rules applied to products (concentration level limits or emission level limits); action steps for environment preservation; funding programs.

The firs coherent steps taken in the direction of developing environmental plans have been the implementation of an integrated system for environmental protection, the development of a system aimed to preserve biodiversity and protected species and the application of a project for flood prevention and control.


National Agency for Environment Protection

The Ministry of Environment and Forests

National Agency “Apele Romane”





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