SIPRIM is an informatic system globally integrated, with a wide coverage area for functional services of a city-hall, having interconnected data with a unique data base, web accessible based on informatics applications.

Resuming, SIPRIM is :

  • Modern;
  • Unitary;
  • Integrated;
  • Unique;
  • Interconnected, designed to be support for the employees from public entities.

SIPRIM is a complete and optimal solution of integrated applications, designed for: urbanism, investment, and public cleaning services and illumination, local taxes, estate and urban land, public patrimony, agricultural registry, social protection, marital state, financial-accounting, payroll, internal audit, civil protection.


  • Geographic Informatic System – GIS (developed and implemented) – support for learning and electronically operating  data for estate and urban land;
  • Data accuracy for City Hall, due to efficient operation of document management application through SIPRIM;
  • SIPRIM offers the citizen, through from office and back office compounds, useful information, accordingly with eAdministration concept.

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