ECO – Economical Informatic System

ECO is an ERP for public administration entities, which solves in an integrated formula, web-based, the problems of accounting/ financial activities and budget execution.

The system is flexible and modular, and it is composed of:

  • Administration of Inventory, fixed assets and materials
  • Administration of financial operations made through cash office or bank;
  • ALOP (Payment scheduling);
  • General accounting;
  • Administration of payroll;
  • Generate and execute the budget;
  • Generating the balance sheet and the annexes required for general reporting.


  • Flexibility in administering the applications, security and uniformity in exploitation- due to data structures, modular functionalities and reports created based on the real organizational chart;
  • Autonomy – user-friendly interface, customized  for each operator’ rights;
  • Parameterized reports – detailed reports, with multiple options for filtering data and information.

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