Training services

Change is the basic element of organizational activity, influencing all the components of a company, business processes, human resources and information systems. Every company has to struggle to be all the time competitive, and the selection and implementation process as well as the optimization solutions represent a major change for any business entity.

Therefore, we are close to our customer from the beginning, the moment of conciliation in order to identify the information suited to the specifics of your organization, by providing training and consulting services-post implementation and also post-sale deployment solution. The employees of a company should be prepared as closely as possible at all levels, so as to meet the objectives of the organization in a world in which success depends on the ability to deliver promptly quality solutions and services, diversity, customer satisfaction and optimal benefits.

ASESOFT INTERNATIONAL’ team has experienced professionals who have a high level of knowledge specific to the areas addressed through our courses, and which provide support both on the training, and consulting areas. The training is performed by specialists authorized by our partners or suppliers of hardware & software solutions and is carried out according to a detailed plan of training, adjusted accordingly with the customer’s organizational structure.

The courses organized by ASESOFT INTERNATIONAL are focused in three directions

  • Post implementation courses for the integrated solutions delivered to customers (as part of the deployment services);
  •  Trainings dedicated to customized computer solutions;
  • Other type of trainings at the request of the customer (sales strategies, leadership, project management, s.o.)

and are intended for the system implementation teams, end users and professionals (financial analysts, logistics specialists, production, human resources department, accounting personnel).

Benefits of the training

  • Low cost vs. benefits of long-term customer;
  • Highly motivated employees;
  • Increased employee performance through dissimilation of correct information about the new computer application;
  • Improvement of teamwork and inter-departmental communication;
  • Strengthening the structure of the company.

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