IT Support &Maintenance services

IT Support Services cover a range of services providing assistance with computer hardware, software, network or other. IT support services attempt to help the user solve specific problems with a product or a service, whereas IT maintenance services help your company prevent problems with your hardware, software, network and security.

Types of IT Support:

  1. Remote unidirectional support;
  2. Level 1 support (help-desk system which takes over and solves simple cases online or via e-mail);
  3. On-site support (monthly subscription which includes the agreed services);
  4. Full support on a contract basis.

For best results, we recommend the contract type collaboration, for it is the most efficient method related to price/quality of services.

What are the benefits of your collaboration with a specialized provider?

  1. Solution is quickly identified by a provider;
  2. Direct and permanent access to technical experts;
  3. Gives you the flexibility to choose the support options that best fit your organization and also the level of services  SLA (Service level agreement);
  4. Increase of life and accessabiltiy of information systems;
  5. Maximize business value and minimize total cost;
  6. Increased employee/customer satisfaction.


  1. Computer hardware support - Diagnosing and resolving hardware and software problems;
  2. Computer Network support  - Administering local and wide area networks, Monitoring and optimizing network resources; security support (users, network traffic, protection);
  3.  Applications support – identifying and problem solving, installing patches and updates, solution for the specific elements identified by customer or development of new functions or modules, for the basis software platforms (Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Open Source s.o.) as well as for specific business applications of the customer.

Other services:

IT Security Support – identifying and administering the security procedures, disaster-recovery centre, back-up, other procedures; this type of support can be linked with hardware, network and software support, considering that they all have important security elements included;.

IT Auditquantity and quality analysis of production & support systems (IT&C) in order to establish a realistic dimension and to optimize business processes. This kind of audit has as direct result a set of reports and a business case which will provide the customer solutions in order to take best decision, on short, medium and long term.

IT Department Outsourcing (Partial or Complete) – depending on each customer’ business, we can deliver outsourced solutions, after we make a project analysis, in order to establish the most efficient collaboration method. Outsourcing allows the customer to focus on his main activities, while the information system is managed by specialists, but the customer still has control.

For maintenance area, we approach every project through a systematic analysis of resources and equipments of a customer, in order to optimize his activity and to reduce the costs with IT administration.

Types of IT maintenance services:

  • Hardware Maintenanceensuring equipment functionality as agreed, over the entire period of the contract;
  • Software Maintenance – updating of application programs in order to meet changing, such as adding new functions and adapting them to new hardware devices;
  • Network Maintenance – surveillance of the overall health of the network;
  • Security Maintenance – ensuring permanent security of systems.

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