Information technology security audit

Information technology security audit represents a complex valuation system, designed to help any company in identifying and analyzing the efficiency of the existent IT infrastructure, from its construction until implementation, and also the manner in which this infrastructure is customized to properly serve the needs of the employees and company. Using these valuations, we can objectively determine  the technical performance level of the company and we can recommend solutions in order to optimize the current processes.

 Objectives of information technology security audit

  • Valuation of hardware and software resources of the company;
  •  Identifying problems which can reduce the performance of company’s activity;
  • Identifying potential threats in the security systems of the company.

Steps to perform an audit

  • Verifying and analyzing the hardware infrastructure (systems, servers, equipments) as well as the software solutions, independent and integrated within the company;
  • Valuation of  security protocols for the IT resources (stocking data protocol, configuration of servers, policy of access and use of Internet, policy access to applications or internal documents, logging systems and authentification procedures);
  • Document report of audit, which summarize the weak and strong points of the valuated infrastructure, as well as recommendations of improvement;
  • Development of a new IT infrastructure concept, on demand, which can respond accurately to the specific needs of the customer.

Benefits of information technology audit

  • Increased productivity after identification of solutions for systems and workflows;
  • Awareness of potential risks which can influence the activity of the company;
  • Cost reduction with IT infrastructure, by eliminating the critical elements.

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