Project management

A project has three main objectives:

 1. Time (in period framing);

2. Money (in framing the budget);

3. End (fulfillment of project’s purpose).

 They must be met SIMULTANEOUSLY.

ASESOFT INTERNATIONAL can provide consultancy on specialized technical and project management services for various types of systems. Our team has a vast experience in drafting the technical proposals for various projects (European funded through the structural funds) involving expenses for solutions, IT services, and hardware equipment.

According to the methodology of project management, we monitor the progress of projects, based on three main stages:

1. Project planning

We are planning the project, setting each parameter, and the method of project, in collaboration with the selected provider.

2. Tracking project (Project Management)

We are monitoring project that solves complex problems and implementing compliance solutions, or the provision of equipment:

  • Time Management – monitoring accomplished vs. estimated and prognosis of the finish date;
  • Cost Management – monitoring of expenses compared to what was accomplished and to what was budgeted (e.g. forecasts on cost overruns);
  • Change Management – during a project, there are inevitable changes, which must be controlled by the project management team;
  • Risk Management – monitoring and controlling risks that may affect the project, and establish the measures to prevent the appearance of crises;
  • Procurement Management – total purchasing processess made during the project (hardware, infrastructure, services, s.o.);
  • Quality Management –all planning processes and control of the quality level of work.

3. Project Delivery

The project manager and the supplier will assist in completing and closing the project, making sure it is completed and corresponding to the beneficiary’s needs. A very important step in completing the project, which is not often took into consideration, is the transfer of knowledge from project team members to users from beneficiary. 

Customer: Hospital “Sf. Maria” Bucharest



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