RoRIS Phase 2

The second phase of the RoRis project aimed the expansion of AIS services to cover the whole Romanian Danubian sector, according to CE Directive 44/2005 (Ris Directive).


  • Increase the efficiency of the transport system on the Danube;
  • Harmonization of information services;
  • Environment protection;
  • Unique situation of the Danube’s traffic.

Business processes:

  • RoRis interoperability with other Ris centers and with third parties (ship-owners, crew, ship);
  • Disseminating information to public;
  • Support for interaction with issuers(eg: ACN,AFDJ);
  • Informational support for competent authorities in emergency situations (Firefighters, IJSU, IGSU, Police);
  • National Register of seafarers – database with all seafarers in Romania, loading/unloading archive of the vessels, archive on the documents issued by ANAR, the assessment of seafarers (questions, tests, results, examinations);
  • Managing the registration process and database that contains information about ships and their certificates.

RoRis in numbers:

  • Over 100 persons involved in the project;
  • 10 tons of equipment;
  • 15 km of cable;
  • 22 VTS modern centers;
  • 1050 monitorised km.


  • Java;
  • .Net;
  • Oracle;
  • SQL server;
  • Sharepoint.

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