Asesoft International is launching the new presentation website

New image for customers and partners

Asesoft Internaţional is launching the new website with a dynamic and friendly format

Bucharest, 2nd of April 2012 - Asesoft Internaţional is launching the new official website: The page has a modern format, which allows a better navigation, and has actual information for customers and partners.

The website is configured in a simple way, in order to increase its accessibility, and has six main categories:

  • Home
  • About us
  • Solutions and Projects
  • Services
  • Partnerships
  • Careers

 The company had a sustainable growth since it was established, 15 years ago, and we can see its development especially when we look at our team, which grew positive in an incredible way. The online environment is the new communication basis, and the website can be considered an organization’s mirror soul, and we are proud that we were able to successfully deliver lots of special and complex projects, with the support of our team, our partners and customers. The new website will help our company to better communicate and to have a global visibility towards all interested in developing partnerships based on trust and professionalism”, stated Cristian Anastasescu, General Manager at Asesoft Internaţional.




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