The smartest fraud ever. How you can lose your account and all your money

The accounts of Facebook’s users are in danger. One of the best ever planned fraud since ever, designed to trick even an experienced computer expert, is on the Internet. A recent attack programmed to steal the information of Face book’s users is considered to be one of the most sophisticated fraud until this moment, because it can replicate the security ‘procedures usually used by Facebook or Google in order to protect themselves from viruses, according to the fraud appears as an email sent by Facebook, in which the user is being accused of insulting or annoying other users, and is being informed that his account will be deleted in 24 hrs. the user must log on his account, with his own user and password, while being redirected to a fake page where he must fill-in a lot of personal information, among which information related to his bank account. After the personal information is filled-in, the user is at risk of losing the account, but also his money. (RTV)


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