National Agency “Apele Române”

WIMS project (Water Information Management System) gathered and consolidated into a geo-referenced database, information on over 200,000 objects (Lakes, rivers, water resources infrastructures, etc.) managed by ANAR, in order to comply with Directive 2007/60/EC (protection against flooding) and the INSPIRE directive.

Directive 2007/60/EC aims to establish a framework for the assessment and management of flood risks, aiming to reduce the negative consequences for human health, the environment, cultural heritage and economic activity associated with floods in the community. According this directive, the Member States shall establish hazard maps and flood risk maps at within the most appropriate scale for the areas identified. For the preparation of risk maps and flood risk maps for areas identified, which are shared with other Member States, takes place in advance an information exchange between Member States. These exchanges of information had to be formalized and integrated, in order to strengthen the system at international level, and this process has been supported by INSPIRE, developed mainly in order to strengthen the European Union’s policy on the environment. INSPIRE is the norm establishing an infrastructure for spatial information in the European Community, according to which the data supplied by each Member State must be easily accessible through web search services and at the same time, they can be combined without difficulty with those provided by other Member States.

The project has been carried out for a period of 2 years, from 2008 to 2010, and the informational platform created allows you to store documents and increase the accessibility, through quick search tools. In this way, it has managed to optimize flows at the level of ANAR, translated by an improvement to communicating the information, the organizational culture and general performances. The general public has access to your relevant information of the water sector through the external portal developed.

Which are the components of the integrated system?

  • External Portal (Communications platform Internal Portal (internal communications platform);
  • Hydro Map (land register application for water resources);
  • DWFA (application for managing documents);
  • GIS (GIS Applications: water resources situation, warning system exceeded the level of the river basin, water quality, information system map, etc.);
  • MIS (method of extraction and centralized reporting).

WIMS in figures:

  • 50 people involved in the project;
  • 51 locations (Active Directory);
  • 13 locations-1500 email accounts;
  • 98 servers, 52 racks, 13 SAN servers;
  • 1500 users;
  • 271 users who have been trained;
  • 200,000 space register.

Used technologies:

  • Microsoft SharePoint Services 3.0;
  • MOM, ISA Server, WSUS;
  • ESRI Arc Editor, Arc Info;
  • Mike Basin;
  • Microsoft SQL 2005 and SDE Databases;
  • Active Directory System.




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